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We create dynamic, engaging, "edutaining", HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT learning experiences...NOT TRAINING® Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to culture change.
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Today’s business challenges present a new wave of learning and organizational priorities. JRM HUMAN CAPITAL’S services cover the breadth and depth of your human capital development needs. Over 25 years of industry experience, over 30+ master certifications, and 250+ customizable programs create a unique learning experience for your orgnanization.

Engaging Solutions

JRM HUMAN CAPITAL has over 250+ programs to create your unique learning experience. Partnering with the largest human capital solutions providers, JRM HUMAN CAPITAL can bring you world class solutions and programs at a fraction of the cost. We get certified to design, develop and deliver these industry recognized solutions at all levels of the organization, so you don’t!

Value Added Specialties

Our Chief Learning Strategist Jason R. Murphy and award winning Human Capital Development teams, create customized end-to-end solutions including learning events and marketing, that are formed based on your specific needs, utilizing the most cutting-edge technology, winning learning strategy, complimented by advanced design, development and master ”edutaining” facilitation.

Dynamic Services

Explore, Engage, Edutain

Leadership and Executive Development

Never have business leaders at all levels been more challenged. After so much change and uncertainty, many employees have become disengaged. Global complexity and increased competition require frequent strategy updates. Leadership development is critical to equipping your leaders with the capability, tools, knowledge, and vision to create employee engagement, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver value to customers and shareholders.

Organizational Development and Psychology

Team Building and Team Dynamics

We know that you know that people are your organization’s most valuable resource. Since you probably don’t hire intact high-performance teams, you need to build them from the talented individuals already on your staff.  JRM Human Capital is your creative resource for building high-performance teams. We transform the way people communicate, solve problems, make decisions, and achieve their goals.  Our programs are not off-the-shelf products, but rather unique offerings that are tailored to each client’s specific requirements and desired outcomes.

Workforce and Professional Development

Meeting the ever-changing requirements of today’s business environment demands not only retaining but engaging the entire workforce for peak performance. Your employees are the cornerstone of your business; they’re the source of innovation, new advances, efficiencies, and, ultimately, customer engagement. Workforce development is essential. Do your employees have the mindset, urgency, skills, tools, and capability to achieve the organization’s goals, while delivering value to customers?

Global Learning and Development

Human Resources and Talent Development

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Developing Assets at all Levels

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Over 25 Years of Experience
Jason R. Murphy

JRM HUMAN CAPITAL has over 25 years of experience partnering with small, medium and large private and public organizations including various Fortune 500 organizations. We focus on knowledge, skills and abilities driving human capital development and creating a culture of development within your organization. We have a process of upgrading the existing skills of an organization to increasing overall organization success. We offer an extensive suite of Human Capital Services and Programs using 30+ Human Resources, Talent, Learning and Development, Workforce, Professional, Executive and Organizational Development Certifications with over 25 years of industry experience in Human Capital Development. We also provide strategic consultation, assessment, design, development and evaluation to deliver capabilities that increase capacity and competitive advantage for the business though competency development. We deliver proven learning experiences to our clients that have an immediate and lasting impact on organizational culture.

  • human capital Consulting
  • Master FACILITATION/keynotes
  • Professional, Leadership and executive Coaching
  • Learning Strategy

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